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Welcome to Perennial Survey.

Perennial Survey is a tool to create and manage surveys on the internet. It is one of the most advanced services avaliable in the online survey industry. Perennial Survey was designed to be easy to use, fast, innovative and whilst achieving all these things, keeping prices at very affordable levels.

Our state of the art interface allows you to breeze through survey construction. Many types of questions are supported, from multiple choice, to paragraph responses, and from dates to numerical values. Any survey can be highly customized to meet your needs. Advanced analysis and beautiful graphical results make the writing of a professional report easier than ever before. If specialized interpretation of the results is required, you can download the data to your favorite database/spreadsheet application.

Sample Surveys.

Feature Survey
A step by step survey, introducing you piece by piece, the power of Perennial Survey.

Emotions of Winter
An inspiration.

Free Survey Example
An example of what can be achieved with the free version of Perennial Survey.

The Benefits.

People enjoy making comments, leaving opinions, or simply just talking about themselves. The willingness to take surveys and the empowerment a person feels when taking them, makes surveys the ideal way for businesses and organizations to collect information.

For websites:

Running surveys on the internet takes feedback to another level. When a survey is taken online, it is much cheaper then sending individuals out to ask questions, and does not require thousands of question sheets to be printed. Online surveys are usually taken in private, which allows people to more expressive with their responses.
As the data is collected on computer, it is easy to process, analyze and utilize the information.

For businesses:

An online survey is an ideal way to improve your efficiency and to reduce your costs. Any forms you use to collect information can be taken online: You can simply tell people to go to your website. The added benefit to using the internet is that all the data will be stored already in a form which can be analyzed and used in any existing data analysis software. Perennial survey is unique in being one of the only survey management systems with an interface anybody can use. It's that easy.