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· Take a survey, which was set up using the free system

· That we have as many free features as possible.
· The all-new survey editor.

· See the differences between the free and full versions.

Free means Filled With Features

Perennial Survey is a tool to create and manage surveys on the internet. It is one of the most advanced services available. Perennial Survey was designed to be easy to use, fast, innovative and whilst achieving all these things, keeping
prices at very affordable levels.

Free surveys are the absolute in low prices (= 0). The free service is exactly the same as the full version, except it lacks a few features. There is no limit upon the number of questions in a survey, and no limit on the number of responses. The survey editor is just as powerful and easy to use.

Our customers come from all over the world, and often have a very minimal technical background. We are prepared for a very diverse set of requirements!

If you run a website which needs a survey and you do not want ridiculous limitations (some services say only 30 responses per survey) our free service is ideal.

If you are interested in our full service, it is a really good idea to start with the free version. You may find you are completely able to run your survey without paying for the upgrade!

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The features included.

The all new survey editor

What can I do with it?

? Easily edit your surveys - you can make any change you want to a survey, even when the survey is being used!

? Add and remove questions in a few clicks.

? Everything in one place - switch between surveys with a single click!

? Menu bar lets you quickly switch between tasks efficiently.

? Resize the editor window to suit your screen size.

Screenshot of the survey editor:

The Survey Editor