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You can always upgrade to the full version later on and get downloadable statistics, text entry fields and more.

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Data types: Some.
Single select questions [limited to 10 answers], multi answer select questions [limited to 10 answers], [single line/word text entry], [short essay], continuous number, discrete number and dates.
Survey responses: Limited.
Limited depending upon demand.
Checking for multiple votes: Some.
· IP tracking
· Cookie checking
· [E-mail confirmation]
Result Tools: Some methods.
· View and analize results online
· [Download results for use in other software (such as Microsoft Excel)]
· Delete individual results, delete all results.
Survey Settings: Most.
Numbers of questions per page, title, [title image], colors, font, exit link, exit to results, exit and thanks, exit and redirect, multiple language support, open and close survey.
Link to survey: Directly and first page.
Able to link directly to the survey or copy and paste the first page of the survey