Demonstration Survey

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This survey is built to demonstrate the power of Canadian Survey. This demonstration attempts to explain a majority of the features avaliable to you within the Perennial Survey/Canadian Survey system.

What you are reading right now is a paragraph inserted into a survey. Above this, the image with the welcome message is also something that has been added into this survey.

On this page, two kinds of questions are asked. The first is a date (with a year). Try typing Febuary 31st in the day of the month field - your error will be identified immediatly.

The second question data type is a descrete number.

Please enter your date of birth:

How many years have you been using the internet?

As this is a multiple page survey, the button that follows leads you on to the next page. Also at the top of all the pages in a survey there is a position indicator, which shows the survey recipient how far he or she has to go.