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Based upon the software running the website InternationalVoting.com, the Voting Center Script has been thoroughly tested and modified to suit hundreds of thousands of customers. If you need to integrate polls into your website, but are not interested in using software hosted for you on another server, the Voting Center allows you to install all the functionality onto your own website.

What is the Voting Center?
The Voting Center (CVC) is a tool to allow the operation and management polls on a website. A powerful user interface makes the creation of polls very simple. The Voting Center is a very adaptable product: it can create polls of it's own sophisticated design or it can generate very basic designs which can be integrated into a website to suit almost any possible situation.

Being the third generation in a line of polling scripts, the user interface provided with the CVC is second to none. For example, during the creation of a poll, at every step of the way you can see and test the final poll. Once polls are completed, they can be duplicated, deleted, or edited again to suit your needs.

The Voting Center requires Perl [5] and runs on Unix and Linux systems.

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Sample Polls

Try the Poll Editor.
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The Features
The System Requirements

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These are pictures of the CVC in operation. Click on the images to view them at their full size:

Setting up a new question.

Poll Management.

Setting up a poll in
Transparent Mode.

Changing the advanced
settings of a poll.

Want to see it in operation?

Take Sample Polls

Try the Poll Editor.
[The password is test]

Sample Polls
A formatted poll in the "list of links" style.
The Play's the Thing...
Who is your favorite character from A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Nick Bottom
Peter Quince
Francis Flute (Lady)
Snug (Lion)
Tom Snout (Wall)
Robin Starveling (Moon)

View Results
A poll with no formatting.
What's the answer?


View Results


Step by Step Poll Editor
· Preview your poll every step of the way.
· Test you poll while developing it.
· Go foward and backwards to make changes.
· Edit your polls at any time.

Four ways of asking questions supported:
· Radio buttons.
· Multi-select answers.
· Drop down menu.
· List of links.

Design Polls:
· Questions with unlimited responses.
· Set an automatic closing time.
· Down to the nearest second.
· Allow people to add their own answers to polls.
· Prevent multiple votes.
· IP tracking.
· Cookie tracking.
· Show results as numbers or percentages.
· Sort the poll results.

Stylize Polls
· Poll formatting is optional.
· Create sophisticated colored polls, or
· Create very simple polls.
· Control every color used.
· Twelve color schemes included, for fast construction.
· Control what happens after a poll is taken:
· Bar Charts.
· Hidden Results.

Manage Polls.
· All poll editing is password protected and safe.

· Delete and reset polls.
· Create duplicates of polls to reduce modifications.
· Test all polls at any time.
· View results for hidden polls.
· Full instructions are provided covering every utility.
· Free installation is avaliable if required.
· Included with the purchase is a minimum technical support period of three months.
· Need customization? Just .


A website/webserver running Unix or Linux.

The ability to run Perl 5 scripts

Working Demonstration

Take Sample Polls

Try the Poll Editor.
[The password is test]

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