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Perennial Survey: Remotely hosted surveys Features

Based around an intuitive and easy to use comprehensive survey editor.
Easily construct complex and advanced surveys using one easy-to-use tool! Add a new question in three mouse clicks. Remove a question in one. Change the order, insert pictures and explanations, organize the design, organize the security all from one tool. Suitable for anyone - you can have a survey created within minutes of the first time you log in.    

Technical Support and Help:

· The majority of technical support queries are answered within 24 hours. Telephone, e-mail and contact form are methods of communication presently available.

· Complete instruction book available - easy to print out.

Question types for surveys:

All questions can be controlled to whether responses are required or not. Additionally you can set up specific limitations for each question: for example a "multiple select question" can be set up to require more than one item to be selected.

Single select questions (available in both buttons and list form)

Paris    Lille    Marseilles    Bordeaux

Multi answer select questions

Paris    Lille    Marseilles    Bordeaux

Single sentence/word responses

Paragraph/short essay questions

Continuous number

Discrete number

Date (available with and without the year)

Insert into your survey:

· Images, paragraphs and titles, as demonstrated below:

Survey responses: Unlimited*.

With a full account you can have up to approximately 20,000 responses (Up to exactly 4 mb).

Easy to use Branching Logic.

Branching logic allows the survey-taker to avoid taking unnecessary questions or pages of a survey. Depending upon certain answers, the path of the survey-taker can be controlled, though three methods: "skip over", "hide question", and "forced survey end".

Multiple submission protection.

· IP tracking
· Cookie checking
· Confirmation of each vote by e-mail
· Issuing of usernames and passwords (Voter Registration / Access Codes)

Viewing Results

· View reslts online:

Survey Question Result

· Analyze results online:

Survey Analysis

· Download results for furthur processing in other software

The data can be downloaded in CSV format which is supported by most data software (such as Microsoft Excel).

· Delete individual results - allowing you to pick out abhorations.

· Delete all results - reset the survey.

Voter Registration (Access Codes):

Voter Registration Examples

· Generate and then print access codes (usernames / passwords).

· Cut out or import the codes into your favorite software.

· Distribute the codes to the survey participants.

· "Voter registration" is a feature which allows you to genarate a table of usernames and passwords to distribute to your survey participants. This is similar to the process of voter registration which takes place before a political election: it allows complete accuracy over survey results.

Adjust survey design:

·The numbers of questions per page (automatic/manual).

· Survey title and title image.

· Colors - including background, text and link colors.

· Background image.

· Font face and size.

· Exit link - exit to results, exit and thanks, exit and redirect.

· End of survey message.

· Support for multiple languages.

· Open and close surveys.

Methods to link to your survey:.

Able to link directly to the survey, or copy and paste the first page of the survey

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You can sign up to the free version and upgrade your account later. This is a good strategy to allow you to learn how to use the system before you start using it fully.