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The features in detail

Intuitive Live Polling Apps.
Many Question Types.
Unlimited* survey responses.
Smart Accurate Response tracking.
Insert: images, paragraphs, titles
Complete control over design.
Link to surveys with great ease.
Easy to use Branching Logic.
Results can be viewed, sorted, sieved and then Downloaded.
Technical Support within 24 hours anytime!

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The free features

Intuitive Survey Editor.
Question types: Multiple choice, number, and dates.
Survey responses: Virtually Unlimited*.
View, sort, and analyze survey data.
Insert: images, paragraphs, titles.
Autofowarding at end of survey.

Intelligent, easy, fast, lower prices than all our competitors: Perennial Survey - a gateway to the world of information.

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defn: pe·ren·ni·al
a: persistant, enduring "perennial traditions" b : continuing without interruption : constant, perpetual "the perennial quest for information" c : regularly repeated or renewed : recurrent

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Instead of using a remote hosted service, such as Perennial Survey, you can now buy exactly the same survey software including all the features! Once bought, you are able to install this product on your own server and be completely in control.

Installation is included in the purchased price.

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